About Tom Umberg

Democrat for State Senate

Keeping Us Safe

Tom Umberg was the nation’s Deputy Drug Czar, appointed by President Bill Clinton. He led the fight to prevent the flow of foreign drugs into the U.S. and to reduce drug abuse. Umberg will combat the current opioid epidemic and put an end to senseless gun violence.

Protecting Worker and Immigrants’ Rights

As an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Orange County, Tom Umberg fought corruption, prosecuted gang members and protected civil rights. Umberg will protect the rights of workers, immigrants and women who deserve to be free from harassment and intimidation, and will stand up for equal pay for women.

Helping Our Veterans

Tom Umberg is a retired U.S. Army Colonel who served three tours overseas including Korea and Afghanistan. During his service as a JAG officer, Umberg tried felony cases and attacked corruption. Umberg will advocate for our veterans ensuring they have the benefits they’ve earned for education, healthcare and housing.

Strengthening Small Business

As a small business owner, Tom Umberg built a successful veteran-owned small business in Orange County. Umberg knows what it means to run a business and meet a payroll. He will be an advocate for local small businesses, cutting red tape and unnecessary regulation, while working to expand our economy and create jobs in emerging fields like tech and clean energy.

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